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Smart lift is an excellent procedure for:

  • Small to large double chins,
  • Fatty neck and
  • Skin laxity in neck
  • SMART LIFT is a minimally invasive neck liposuction procedure that can replace a surgical neck lift.

SMART LIFT reduces fat along with impressive skin tightening. It combines SMARTlipo of the neck under local numbing. The fat is gently suctioned out and the skin is heated internally by the laser for collagen tightening.

It is then followed by external laser resurfacing of the neck and chin skin using SMART Skin CO2 laser which aids in added skin tightening. The combined procedure consistently gives jaw dropping results. The results are obvious within days and continues to improve for months. Downtime is minimal and usually is a weekend. Results are long lasting since the fat cells are removed and your own collagen is stimulated to strengthen and tighten.

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