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Arm Fold Fat

Treatment options for Bra fold/Arm fold fat bulge

Coolsculpting offers the best non invasive no downtime option for reducing Arm fold bulge. There is some skin tightening that comes along with it. Coolsculpting is mainly for focal fat loss. 1-2 treatments will be needed for the best results.

Kybella is now widely used for reduction of Arm fold fat bulge and the associated inflammation causes skin tightening. Kybella is FDA approved for treating Arm fold fat. # -5 treatments may be necessary for best results.

Liposuction with J plasma is the best treatment for this problem for those who do not mind 1-2 weeks downtime of wearing a tight compression garment under their clothes. Discomfort is minimal. The results are impressive and long-lasting.

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Freeze away excess fat with no downtime or discomfort non invasive procedure

Kybella Cincinnati


Kybella is an injectable that can disrupt fat cell enabling the body to remove it.

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Remove excess fat in arm folds or bra fat with Vaser lipo or Smartlipo

Skincare / Body Sculpting Center in Cincinnati

Skin Tightening

Tighten loose skin with J Plasma technique, a break through technology.

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