Jul 1
The Benefits of Botox
1 Jul, 2015. 0 Comments. Botox. Posted By: transform
Chances are you’ve already heard of Botox and what it can do for wrinkles in the face, the feature it’s most commonly known for. But did you know that there are numerous other benefits that can come from a Botox procedure? Read on to learn more about Botox and how it might be able to help you! If you have any more questions about Botox, you can learn more by reaching out to us at Transform Medspa. What is Botox? Botox is a type of drug that is prepared for medical use to treat certain muscular conditions. The goal of…
Jun 8
Look Flawless on your wedding day
8 Jun, 2015. 0 Comments. Botox. Posted By: transform
Most women have dreamed of their wedding days since childhood. And so, when that special day draws near, brides-to-be want to ensure that they set personal precedents of beauty and elegance as they walk down the aisle. Recently, beauty editor, Carly Cardellino of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the industry leading authority in fashion and beauty, published  “Your Step-by-Step Guide to Looking Flawless on Your Wedding Day.” In this guide Cosmopolitan recommends Botox for women who want to remove crows feet from around the eyes, and a Photofacial for women who want to restore clear, flawless skin to their complexion for their wedding…