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Cost of Coolsculpting in Cincinnati.
7 Jan, 2019. 0 Comments. Coolsculpting. Posted By: transform


Almost every day at Transform Medspa we get calls from patients enquiring the cost of Coolsculpting. They want to know what the cost of Coolsculpting treatment is. The answer is not that simple or straight forward. It is like calling a jeweler and asking the pricing of a diamond. It depends on the size, carat, clarity etc. It is the same with Coolsculpting. However, since it is a very commonly asked question, I will try to give you the information that you will need to get the best value for your money.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a non invasive procedure to remove excess fat in problem areas of the body. Coolsculpting uses Cryolipolysis technology, using freezing temperatures to disrupt and rupture the fat cells and release the fat stored in the cells. The fat released is then cleared from the body through the lymphatics or by burning it off for energy.

Coolsculpting treatments are done using different size applicators (suction cups) based on the area and amount of fat in the areas treated. Each treatment removes about 25-30% of fat in that area. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on how much fat needs to be removed.

Cost of Coolsculpting depends on

The size of the treatment applicator

Coolsculpting applicators come in different sizes

Cool Mini (Extra Small) - $600-$750

Cool Mini applicators are used to treat small pockets of fat like double chin, arm fold fat and knee fat

Cost of Coolsculpting

Cool Advantage Petite (Small) - $750

Cool Advantage Petite applicators are used to treat small arms and inner thighs

Cool Advantage (Medium) - $750-$900

Cool Advantage applicators are the ones used for most treatment areas like abdomen, back and inner thighs.

Cool Advantage Plus (Large) - $1500

Cool Advantage Plus applicators are used to treat larger areas of fat mostly in upper and lower abdomen.

Cool Advantage Smooth - $750

Cool Advantage Smooth is used to treat outer thighs (Saddle bags)

Number of applicators needed to fully cover the area treated

The number of applicators needed to treat an area depend on the amount of fat present in the area and the size of the area which can vary from person to person. For example, a small sized abdomen might need four medium applicators vs a large abdomen, which might need six or more applicators.

Number of areas treated

Two or more areas are often treated in one cycle to get better results and even contouring, like for example upper and lower abdomen, hips and waist etc.

Number of treatment cycles needed

The number of treatment cycles needed depend on the amount of fat present in the area treated and the kind of results desired. Lifestyle plays an important role as well. If you eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle, the fat released from the ruptured fat cell will be cleared faster and yield better results that those who do not. On an average two to three treatment cycles are recommended 1-3 months apart.

How Coolsculpting is Priced

Coolsculpting prices are standard throughout the country and are controlled and closely monitored by Allergan, the company that owns Coolsculpting. Individual clinics have only a small margin to discount prices.

Coolsculpting Discounts

Most Coolsculpting applicators are about $750 per treatment and most centers offer a 25% discount. You might get a better discount/pricing if you need multiple applicators and treatment cycles. With package pricing you can get a discount closer to 30%.

Since there is no major variation in pricing between different centers, you need to focus on the additional features the treatment center has to offer you.


Good and effective outcomes of Coolsculpting treatments depend on proper evaluation of the treatment area, choosing the right applicator, strategic placement of the applicators, post treatment massage and timing of the subsequent treatments. A well trained, experienced provider can greatly improve your results.

New And Latest Coolsculpting Applicators  

Coolsculpting has fast evolved from the initial prototype to the current model. The new CoolAdvantage applicators introduced in January 2017, deliver

  • Superior results compared to older applicators 
  • Shorter treatment times (35 minutes compared to 1 hour)
  • Minimal discomfort during and post treatment (virtually eliminated with new applicators)
  • Safer treatments with controlled freezing temperature eliminates most side effects.

Not all Coolsculpting centers have the new applicators. Many centers charge similar prices and continue to use older applicators that yield inferior results.

Weight loss and Fat burning supplements

The Coolsculpting procedure releases the stored excess fat from the ruptured fat cell. Then, it is up to your body to remove and eliminate the free fatty acids from th325e treated area. The free fatty acids are slowly cleared by the lymphatics and taken to the liver. Weight loss and fat burning supplements accelerate this process and enhance better and faster results.

Additional treatment package pricing

When considering the cost of Coolsculpting, it is prudent to consider what special pricing the Coolsculpting center is offering for treatment of additional areas.

Coolsculpting cost Vs Liposuction cost

Cost of Coolsculpting is lower than Liposuction (for larger areas of fat , this may not be the case).

Added advantages of Coolsculpting are

  • No downtime
  • Very minimal discomfort
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • No need for post procedure compression garment

How to get the best bang for your buck?

  • Focus on package pricing rather than single treatment
  • Choose a well reputed trusted center with well trained Coolsculpting specialists
  • Make sure the applicators are the latest ones 
  • For larger areas of fat, be open to treating the area multiple times.
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