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Why You Should Consider Dysport From Transform MedSpa

Many of our clients that come to Transform MedSpa have never heard of Dysport, at least under that name. In fact, Dysport used to be known as Reloxin and is actually very similar, in origin, to Botox.

Both Dysport and Botox are made from a neurotoxin, botulinum toxin type A, and were originally developed not as a cosmetic treatment but to treat a variety of neuromuscular disorders. Botox and Dysport work to target muscles that are contracting and not relaxing, just as the muscles under the skin of your face contract and relax with every movement.

How It Works

While similar in origin and method of action, Dysport is often recommended by our Med Spa physician over Botox because of its action after injection. Botox tends to stay very localized to the injection site, requiring more injections to get a larger area of the muscles under the skin to relax.

Dysport, on the other hand, is more mobile under the skin, fanning out to help to immobilize those tiny muscles around the eyes and lips and smoothing the skin more efficiently.

Why Come to Transform MedSpa

The very nature of Dysport, and its ability to move under the skin, also means that it is essential for a qualified, trained physician to administer the injections. Planning the injection sites is critical to ensuring the final appearance is symmetrical and natural looking, giving you the youthful look that you desire.

You will begin to see results shortly after the injections, but it will take a few days for the muscles to naturally relax and the surface wrinkles to slowly reduce and disappear. Patients may see the results last for 13 months or more, but this will vary by individual.

Dr Atluri at Transform MedSpa has years of treating patients and helping them to feel great about the way they look. Dysport can be used to treat wrinkles on the forehead, by the eyes and around the mouth

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