Formula 82F “Finoxidil”

What is Formula 82F “FINOXIDIL”?

Formula 82F “Finoxidil” is a specially compounded topical prescription solution designed to help regrow hair. It contains FDA-approved growth medications Finasteride 0.25% and Minoxidil 5%, which is why it is generally referred to as “Finoxidil.” Formula 82F also contains several other beneficial ingredients to enhance penetration, reduce inflammation, and neutralize pH. These further enhance the formula’s effectiveness and minimize potential side effects to improve usability.

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How effevtive is “FINOXIDIL”?

Twice daily doses of Minoxidil have been shown to regrow hair in up to 85% of men and 60% of women. Similarly, Finasteride, which was originally approved by the FDA as a pill in 1998, has been proven to be 90% effective orally, although some side effects have been reported. There are no other FDA-approved medications for hair regrowth. By compounding the two medications together, Formula 82F synergizes the positive effects of both medications, while at the same time reducing potential side effects.

Who should usec”FINOXIDIL”?

The formula is available only through prescription for men and postmenopausal women experiencing hair loss, as a part of medical management of hair loss.

Will it leave my hair greasy?

No, Formula 82F has been engineered to be quickly absorbed into the scalp, so it will not leave the sticky residue common in many over-the-counter topical treatments.

Does it have any side effects?

Formula 82F was engineered to reduce side effects. In those with lighter complexions, the scalp may appear more pink with routine use of 82F. This is due to an increase in blood flow, and is considered a good indicator that the treatment is working properly. Some users may experience inflammation and tenderness in the scalp, however these symptoms are extremely rare due to the fact that Formula 82F contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and doesn’t contain propylene glycol commonly found in over-the-counter solutions. For patients concerned about the risk of sexual side effects from oral finasteride, research suggests that Formula 82F “Finoxidil” may significantly reduce those risks.

How long does it take to work?

Hair growth from this treatment can be detected in as little as ten weeks, but it may take 6 to 12 months to become noticeable to the naked eye.

How do I apply “FINOXIDIL”?

Formula 82F is applied topically, directly to the scalp on the thinning and at-risk areas before styling. For most patients, recommended dose is 30 drops applied twice daily, however you should use this as directed by your physician. Formula 82F only works through the scalp, so be sure to take care in applying it directly to the scalp by parting and avoiding the hair wherever possible to reduce waste. Massage is not required, but be careful to cover any trouble areas where improved growth is desired. Common treatment areas include the crown/vertex area, top of the scalp, as well as the frontal and temple areas. Once Formula 82F has been thoroughly applied, allow no less than three hours before showering, swimming, or engaging in any activity that will cause hair to become wet (e.g., rain or sweat) to allow time for complete absorption.

What to expect?

The treated area may tingle when the medication is applied as the formula is absorbed by the scalp. Over time, treated areas may appear more pink. This is considered normal, as Formula 82F stimulates circulation and increases blood flow. If dryness, flaking, tenderness or irritation occurs, discontinue use and contact the office for further instructions.

Continue regular application of Formula 82F as directed by your physician in order to maintain results. Effects should be measurable after 3 months, but it may take between 6-12 months for growth to be visible to the naked eye.

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