What is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a novel, breakthrough ‘smart’ drug-free supplement with standardized botanicals that are clinically proven to target the multiple causes of thinning hair and hair loss. It is considered by many medical professionals and hair loss specialists to be a “super-supplement” for hair growth. It is a multi-nutraceutical, comprised of 20 natural ingredients, harnessing the restorative powers of special botanicals that work synergistically to combat stress, hormonal imbalances, aging, free radicals, inflammation and many more factors that cause weakened hair follicles.

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How does Nutrafol work?

Nutrafol synergistically targets many of the potential factors that trigger hair loss, stabilizing harmful levels of DHT (Dihydrotesttosterone) and reducing the effect of stress hormones to halt follicle damage. It also breaks the cascade of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress that disrupts hair growth, cycling and signaling. Nutrafol helps revive dormant follicles by supporting healthy immune signaling, improving circulation and the structural environment allowing the follicles to produce better quality hair. It stimulates the growth cycle by providing hair nutrients and other building blocks for healthy hair growth once balance is established.

How is it different from Biotin & other Hair Supplements?

Vitamins and minerals such as biotin and zinc, as well as collagen protein supplementation are important for hair growth because they provide the necessary nourishment and serve as coenzymes in the mechanics of hair production. However, science shows there are numerous underlying triggering factors such as aging, stress, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances that cause hair loss. Nutrafol leverages the innate capacities of healing plants and is comprised of natural nutraceutical ingredients that are clinically proven to effectively combat the multiple factors responsible for hair loss and thinning hair. These therapeutic botanicals are included in Nutrafol because of their anti-inflammatory, stress-busting, hormone-rebalancing and antioxidant building properties.

What is the difference between Nutrafol For Men and For Women?

The causes of hair loss in women differ from the primary factors underlying hair loss in men. For example, in men we know the primary trigger for weakening of hair follicle function is androgens. In most women, this is less of a factor. Understanding these different needs, Nutrafol is custom formulated for women and men separately. The amounts of some specific individual ingredients are adjusted according to those needed to target the common triggers in each gender, according to clinical studies. Some women may benefit from taking the Nutrafol Male—this should be discussed with your provider.

Does Nutrafol contain Gluten, Food Allergens or Shellfish products?

Nutrafol is made with vegetable cellulose capsules and contains fish-derived collagen. It DOES NOT contain soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors or artificial colors. It is also free of all shellfish or shark. If you have severe allergies, please read through the ingredient list carefully. Please discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects and consult your doctor.

How and When should Nutrafol be taken?

The recommended dosage of Nutrafol is four capsules a day. It is also recommended that it be taken with food for better absorption of the nutrients. However, Nutrafol may be taken at any time of the day, all at once or in divided doses as long as you take all four capsules each day.

Nutrafol may be combined with other non-invasive treatments for hair. regrowth or used as a stand-alone therapy.

What kind of results can I expect with Nutrafol and When?

Like with any non-invasive treatment, the hair growth supporting and enhancing effects of Nutrafol takes at least three to six months to be measured, and six to twelve months to appreciate visually.

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