What is PRF?

PRF is a treatment that involves the use of your body’s own platelets. Your treatment begins with a blood draw, no different than one you might have at a lab. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge, which separates out the PRF (platelet rich fibrin).

The growth factors found in PRF are key to helping reverse the telltale signs of aging. It has a higher concentration of platelets, fibrin, and white blood cells, along with a small amount of stem cells. The platelets attach to the fibrin network and release the growth factors that are responsible for creating new skin cells, collagen, and blood vessels. The growth factors in PRF are also released slower than in PRP, which provides the added bonus of a longer lasting anti-aging treatment!

Benefits of PRF Treatment

PRF has been used in the medical field to promote faster healing following surgical procedures, such as bone grafts, dental implants, and more. It can also promote healing following cosmetic surgery procedures. Strategically injected, PRF can be placed anywhere on the face or body, which can then lead to an improvement in texture, tone, discoloration, and the overall health of your skin.

PRF can be injected by itself or in combination with other treatments to enhance results.

PRF for EYEs – Dark circles under eye treatment

PFR can be injected into the tear trough and fanned across the lower eyelid for improving the skin tone and texture. It improves skin thickness, dark circles and gives a natural refreshed look. A series of 3-4 treatments are needed for best results.

PRF can be mixed with other fillers for added volume.

PRF with Bellafill and Sculptra

PRF can be mixed with Bellafill and Sculptra when injecting to improve results.

PRF with Microneedling and Laser Treatments

Adding PRP or PRF to Laser treatments and Microneedling have show superior results. The body’s own potent growth factors are driven into the skin to stimulate collagen and improve skin thickness.

PRF is a 100% pure blood product with higher concentrations of healing platelets versus PRP (platelet rich plasma). And it releases growth factors over a longer period of time—all contained right in your own body! PRF is a unique treatment in that it uses your body’s own healing cells for more youthful skin.

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