“I would recommend (and already have) Dr. Atluri to anyone who is wanting to do the smartlipo or even start w/ her weight management program. I first had the procedure w/ excellent results. And I have now been on her weight management diet for almost 1 year. I have lost weight, inches, and gained muscle, and the best part is I feel great and look better! The staff is also great, very caring and understanding. As for pricing, I thought it was affordable, especially since other doctors in the area wanted more than $10000 for the same surgery. Overall, I think she is an awesome Dr. and she and her staff are extremely caring every-time I go in there!”

Chitra Shah

“It’s a program you can be successful in. I believe it is up to the individual to first be committed, then with proper guidance you will learn how important it is to eat less calories, exercise and stay away from “junk” food. You will surprise yourself just how addicted you were to “empty” caloric foods. The protein is very important! Good luck to anyone who starts and you will be really happy that you stayed with the program! I’ve lost 33.6 pounds in 4.5 months!”

P.B Cincinnati

“What a wonderfully easy program to follow! Benefits are numerous and important to ones health. I have been able to take less medications for diabetes and my blood pressure has come down to normal, health, all that because I follow a simple, easy exercise and delicious food program that is easy to follow for life. Thank God and this program for giving me a great life! I’ve lost 32.5 lbs in 2.5 months!”

Eileen Bradford

“I went to Dr. Atluri in Cincinnati. She did not pressure me to have the surgery like some doctors. She gave me reasonable expectations…which I appreciated after all I am 60 years old….The procedure took 5 hours and with no pain and I was awake the whole time…I had it yesterday and an having some pain but nothing like I expected…Dr. A and her staff are the kindest and warm people I have even been to…She took her time in doing the procedure and made sure I wasn’t in pain…The staff at her office is great…”


“I did it because I struggled for years with dieting, exercising was getting nowhere. I was always being asked when I was due.. My doctor and staff are fantastic. It was and is still very painful for me even 6 weeks after now… knowing how painful it is.. I’d do it again.”


“I love the program! Having someone to talk about my strengths and weaknesses with eating and everything really helps. I am also kept accountable by the weekly visits to the weight-ins. I’ve lost 30 lbs in 15 weeks!”

M.W Cincinnati

“It’s a very easy program to follow. I travel for business 3-4 times each month and I can easily stick to the program. The food can be done with minimal effort. I have lost 61 lbs in 8 months!”

D.R Cincinnati

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