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Why choose Transform Medspa for Coolsculpting
14 Mar, 2017. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: transform

Top 6 Reasons why should you do Coolsculpting at Transform Medspa

  1. Transform Medspa in one of the few centers that have Dual Sculpting. We have a spacious treatment room with two Coolsculpting units that can treat two areas at the same time. This shortens your treatment time by half. Sitting still for 3-4 hours at a time can be tedious. With Dual Sculpting you can shorten this treatment time by half.
  2. We have all the latest, more efficient applicator heads that have minimized the time and maximized the results. Transform Medspa is one of the few centers that have the Cool Mini that can treat small pockets of fat like knees, underarm folds and double chins.
  3. At Transform Medspa the entire team is well trained. They have been certified by the Coolsculpting University to perform the procedure. You will see the same team every time you come for your treatment and follow-up.
  4. Transform Medspa has been performing body contouring procedures like Smartlipo and Vaser Liposuction since 2005. We will give you an honest and thorough assessment.
  5. Coolsculpting procedure is supplemented with Sublingual B12 vitamins and Skin tightening body lotion to ensure good results.
  6. We can combine Coolsculpting with weekly Vasershape (Ultrasound) treatments for improved removal of the fat in the treated ares