Transform Medspa offers the latest advances in CoolSculpting Cincinnati.

Transform Medspa is one of the few centers for Coolsculpting Cincinnati, that have all the latest coolsculpting applicators that are 30% more effective that the older applicators. Dual sculpting offers two Coolsculpting machines that shortens  treatment time.

Transform Medspa offers the best Coolsculpting prices. Call 513 793 6100 for special pricing and Complimentary Consultation for Coolsculpting Cincinnati.

CoolSculpting: Your Treatment at Transform Medspa

Coolsculpting Consultation

  1. Check to see if you are a good candidate for Coolsculpting.
  2. Find out how many treatments you’ll need.
  3. Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications for at least 1 week.
  4. Prepare yourself for some minor pain/discomfort.
Coolsculpting Cincinnati
Coolsculpting Cincinnati
Coolsculpting Cincinnati

Coolsculpting Treatment

  • You’ll be shown to your private treatment room where you’ll remove your clothing from the area about to be treated.
  • You’ll be photographed for documentation purposes and your skin will be marked to best guide the CoolSculpting device. At this point in the process you will just sit, get comfortable, and relax.
  • When you’re ready to begin, a gel barrier will be placed over the area to be treated. This gel layer is a thin membrane that varies in size depending on the target area.
  • Next, the actual CoolSculpting machine is applied directly over the gel. Most applicators use vacuum pressure to draw the specified area up and between a pair of cooling pads.
  • Once the suction is secure, the cooling process begins. With the aid of modern technology and precisely controlled cooling, the pads lower the tissue to near freezing temperatures. This low temperature has been proven to specifically target and destroy fat cells, while leaving the surrounding skin and muscle tissues remarkably unharmed. The optimal temperature is 4°C. Through this perfectly natural process the fat cells in the affected area crystallize, die, release their stores of fat, and are removed by your own body over time, just like any other dead or damaged cells.
  • When the cooling portion of the treatment is complete, the area is vigorously massaged for a few moments, and then you’re done!

Dual Sculpting at Transform Medspa

CoolSculpting is effective for eliminating problem areas of fat on the flanks (or “love handles”), abdomen, thighs, and even that pesky double chin. Each area requires about one hour of treatment, but can vary in length. If you’re getting more than one area treated the procedure may last several hours or you may need to plan multiple treatments. Here at Transform Medspa we offer DualSculpting, which allows you to target two areas of your body at one time, cutting your treatment time in half.

CoolSculpting Recovery – The First 28 Days

Days 1-3       Mild bruising, soreness, and a numbing sensation are all normal in the first few days following the procedure. Comfortable clothing is recommended. Some patients find compression garments, like Spanx, help with both swelling and any minor aches or pains.

Days  3-5      It is around this time that the nerve endings in the affected area will start to “wake up,” so to speak. Most people won’t experience any pain, just the numbness beginning to subside. However, some patients will feel some mild pain in the form of twinges or stinging.

Days 5-14     Any pain should begin to disappear by this time. You may still be experiencing some swelling and skin soreness.

Days 14-28   All pain, soreness, and numbness should completely dissipate, and the treated areas may be noticeably smoother and smaller compared to your pre-procedure photos.

Beyond the 4-week point most patients’ bodies will have fully recovered. That being said, everyone’s body is unique. A little numbness or soreness is not out of the ordinary and nothing to be overly concerned with. A follow-up appointment around the one-month point can make sure you’re still on the road to recovery and not experiencing any complications.

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