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Perioral rejuvenation

Transform Medspa offers treatments to get rid of smoker’s lines and  lip wrinkles. There are different ways to treat lip lines. Call 513 793 6100 for a consultation.

As we age, the skin around our lips get thinner and the movement of the muscle around the mouth causes the skin to develop fine lines around the lips called smoker’s lines. Although smokers develop the lines with long years of smoking, non- smokers do frequently have these lines. Some of the treatment options for these lip lines are:

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Botox/Dysport for Smoker’s Lip treatment

Small dose of Botox or Dysport along the lip border helps relax the taut perioral muscles and thereby ease the lip lines. Results last for 8-10 weeks. Repeated treatments can permanently ease the lines. Botox and Dysport treatments are a easy and quick way to ease lip lines and help a person unlearn the habit of keep the lip muscles taut at rest.

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Smoker's Lines Treatment

Dermal fillers – long and short acting to get rid of Lip Lines

Bellafill and other thinner hyaluronic acid fillers like silk and Volbella can be injected along the lip border and along the lines to smooth the skin around the mouth.

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Laser treatment for smoker’s lines

CO2 fractional laser and Erbium YAG laser treatment around the lips can lighten and erase lip lines and are long lasting. Downtime depends on how deep of a treatment is given 3-4 lighter treatments with 1-2 day downtime gives as good results as on deep treatment of 6-7 of downtime.

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J plasma skin tightening for lip wrinkles

For those who have deeper lip lines and can afford longer downtimes of 7-10 days can have the J plasma resurfacing around the lips. This treatment almost eliminates these lines.

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PDO threads for Lip lines

PDO threads can add volume and stretch /lift skin and eases lip lines

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Transform Medspa offers treatments to get rid of smoker's lines and lip wrinkles. There are different ways to treat lip lines. Call 513 793 6100 for a consultation

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