Mar 19
Excessive Scalp Sweating
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Botox is a very effective treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in areas like the armpits, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. But did you know that Botox is starting to be used for treatment of excessive sweating of the scalp too? Botox scalp treatments are rapidly becoming popular, especially among women who sweat excessively while exercising, yet want to avoid over shampooing and styling their hair. These patients find that typical dry shampoos are not effective and are trying Botox to help prevent buildup of sweat and oil. The treatment is relatively simple and painless. The process…
Mar 14
Why Choose transform Medspa for Coolsculpting
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Top 5 Reasons why should you do Coolsculpting at Transform Medspa Transform Medspa in one of the few centers that have Dual Sculpting. We have a spacious treatment room with two Coolsculpting units that can treat two areas at the same time. This shortens your treatment time by half. Sitting still for 3-4 hours at a time can be tedious. With Dual Sculpting you can shorten this treatment time by half. We have all the latest, more efficient applicator heads that have minimized the time and maximized the results. Transform Medspa is one of the few centers that have the Cool…
Aug 26
Why Choose Dr Atluri/Transform Medspa
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Why Choose Transform Medspa and Dr Atluri for Vaser Liposuction and Body Sculpting? Dr Atluri is one of the most experienced doctors in Vaser Liposuction Our niche is that, as a team, we excel in Awake liposuction. Awake liposuction means, you are only mildly sedated but not knocked out. You walk in,and walk out of the office. There is no general anesthesia or IV sedation. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia.You are locally in that area, pretty numb, that, you relax and doze off a bit. That means, the procedure…
Dec 7
Holiday News
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TOP 10 MEDICAL AESTHETICS TRENDS FOR 2016 Without a doubt, beauty standards have changed over the past decade and so has the way consumers take care of themselves. More and more, they’re taking charge of their health and looks with minimally invasive, affordable options such as Botox to reduce wrinkles, dermal fillers to plump skin and lips, cosmetic laser treatments such as skin resurfacing with little downtime to get rid of acne scars and fine lines, and body contouring procedures to smooth cellulite and tone thighs. These are very attractive options indeed, especially when compared to more expensive and riskier…
Dec 2
Bellafill – A Facial Filler that is an Anti Aging Game Changer
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Earlier this year the FDA approved Bellafill, the first injectable that claims to last safely for five years. With the much more popular hyaluronic acid fillers, people have to go in every six to nine months, which can be tiresome and expensive. However, unlike those short-term fillers, Bellafill is not reversible. The injectable was previously approved for filling smile lines and acne scars, and while it has not been studied as a volumizer for cheeks, it can be used in that area, off-label. It should not be used in the lips.   Bellafill’s five-year approval is based on the world’s…
Sep 20
Vaser liposuction update
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Vaser Liposuction Vaser Lipo is a liposuction technique using sound waves to break down fat in the body. It is also called LipoSelection. Vaser is actually an acronym which stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The procedure is used widely throughout the world and is more precise than other forms of ultrasonic liposuction. Vaser lipo is used not just for removing fat from the body to lose weight but also for body contouring procedures which are performed to fine sculpt the body shape of the person receiving the procedure. How Does Vaser Liposuction Work  Vaser liposuction uses…
Aug 27
Vaser Lipo
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VASER LIPO The Science Behind the Art VASER Lipo® uses ultrasonic energy — high-frequency sound waves — to produce superior results. Understanding VASER Lipo VASER Lipo uses a minimally invasive technique called LipoSelection® to selectively break apart and gently remove unwanted fat. To begin the procedure, the targeted area is injected with a special saline solution known as “tumescent fluid.” Tumescent fluid numbs the target area and shrinks local blood vessels. It also temporarily expands the volume of the targeted area, making fat cells easier to remove. Small-diameter probes are then inserted into the body through small incisions. By resonating…
Aug 21
Decollete Rejuvenation
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The chest and décolleté are one of the first places to reveal signs of aging. The skin in this area is actually thinner and weaker, and most of us forget about our décolletage in our daily skin care regime. Here at Transform Medspa we offer a combination of innovative treatments to restore your delicate skin to a more youthful appearance. As we age, the chest and décolleté lose its smooth texture and youthful glow due to sun exposure, loss of elasticity in the skin, and the effects of gravity. Sagging skin, etched lines, wrinkles, brown spots and redness on the…
Aug 19
Hand Rejuvenation
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Hand Rejuvenation One of the places people really show their age is their hand.  We are so focused on a youthful face with anti-aging treatments, that we forget about our hands. Help is here. Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age? As we age, our hands lose firmness and plumpness and begin to look bony and frail, with veins and joints showing more prominently.  Brown spots and sun exposure take their toll as well.  Combating our aging hands takes more than a good hand cream.  The latest technology and rejuvenation treatments give us the tools to aid our aging hands.  …
Aug 12
Skin care tips to look your best in your 40’s
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Hopefully all of you are done with pregnancy, diaper days and potty training! Kids are in school and life is a steady routine. Time to take care of your skin. The best investing you can ever make for your future years. The best skin of your life may well be ahead of you! Skin Care recommendations  from Transform Medspa, Cincinnati What you can do - BY YOU Embrace retinoids These vitamin A derivatives boost collagen production (which softens fine lines and minimizes pores). Retinoids rev up sluggish cell turnover, so skin becomes smoother and more radiant, and dark spots fade. Prescription…