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Transform Medspa offers 2 different treatment options for Excessive UnderArm Sweating Cincinnati


Botox and Dysport offer a no downtime remedy to get rid of excessive sweating for 6 months at a time. Call Transform Medspa for the special pricing of Botox or Dysport for under arm sweating

There is no downtime

80% reduction in sweating and odor

Up to 6 months relief


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This is for someone wanting a more long lasting relief

Ultrasound or Laser is used to destroy the sweat glands. Two or more treatments may be required

The procedure is done under local anesthesia

Minimal downtime

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Transform Medspa Services

Cincinnati Coolsculpting Transform Medspa


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vaser liposuction


Remove excess fat in arm folds or bra fat with Vaser lipo or Smartlipo

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Skin Tightening

Tighten loose skin with J Plasma technique, a break through technology.

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